I am an old washed up pair of Jordan’s.

Ragged from years of use.

My owner threw me up on this power line when he figured out that he didn’t need me anymore.

Now I’m up here with these other shoes.

As if i’m nothing…

He used to use me for basketball,

Then he started getting other shoes.

They call him a sneakerhead?

Sometimes I see him under me.

I wish I could go back to when I was freshly brought.

I miss those times.

I hate being rained on…


I am…

I am a music enthusiast.
I’m diverse with what I listen to.
It could be rock, k-pop, pop or indie, etc.
As long as it catches my ear I’m listening to it.

I’m african american.
You can see me online discussing things that have to do with my culture. Supporting the right things every step of the way.

I’m an artist.
Started drawing at a young age.
You could find my doodles on the weirdest things.
Drawings on my sisters game boy and in notebooks lying around.
A ball of creativity zipping around the house.

I’m a thinker.
Always questioning things inside my head.
Learning something new and researching it right after.
No matter if it’s adding a word or incorporating them into my everyday life.

I am many things…

The Color Blue


The Color Blue

Blue is the color of the sky

No matter if it’s stormy or sunny outside.

Blue is sweet and sour

Like a blue raspberry Cry Baby gum.


Blue is what I feel on unpleasant days

Even though sometimes I don’t know why.

Blue is the color of the ocean and it’s waves

As they crash down on me playing in the cool & salty water.


Blue is soft to the touch

Like the plush blanket that babies are first wrapped in.


Blue is the color that calms me…

Blue is my favorite.